The reading plan – a week in

I’m about a week into the new [reading plan]( and so far my favourite aspects of it are:

– My wife is following along with the same plan so we get to talk about what we’re reading and help each other grow in understanding.
– This really accelerates becoming familiar with a text. If I was to go with a standard, in-a-year reading plan it would take me 20 years to read through Philemon or 3 John as many times as I have in the last week.
– My kids are seeing my wife and I read the Bible more often. We keep the Bibles that we are using for this plan in our living room and are often reading while the kids play.

I hope this continues as we start to make our way into the longer books. Right now we’re sort of going from shortest to longest but as the next couple of years progress, I may decide to jump into a particular book that is interesting me the most.


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