I desperately miss Christmastime in the UK, but this was a nice surprise to see when I went grocery shopping today.


> It is no small thing that, although many centuries have passed since the Scriptures were made known, there has been continuing agreement regarding the obedience which is owed them.

John Calvin, _Institutes of the Christian Religion_

Wednesdays are my days for studying. I really miss working through the BCUK course and I hope to start the second year of it next year. In the meantime, I’m _finally_ getting a chance to work through Calvin’s Institutes as well as a book on leadership that I was meant to be going through with a couple of the pastors at [Trinity Church Everton](https://trinitychurcheverton.org).

Something I was expecting to happen so early in writing for NaNoWriMo this year was to actually experience the characters taking control of things. I actually put work into the plot and an outline and then my characters decided that it needed to happen differently.