3/4 of my kids four years ago today. Our youngest was still a couple years away at this point.


On evangelism across multiple cultures

I’ve spent most of the day doing research on how to approach the topic of _Serving Humanity_. In a couple of weeks I will have the privilege of speaking during an interfaith event at a local mosque. Right now, the biggest challenges seem to be:

1. Remembering that I am in a culture not entirely my own
2. The same goes for those who will be attending
3. The topic is **way too broad**

This is all still really exciting because it’s exactly what my family and I came to Liverpool to do.

no market, so bookstore

The Friday market was woefully disappointing so I walked back into town and picked this up from the used bookstore, **A Reader’s Dream**. They haven’t got a website or anything, I don’t even think they have a phone number available. In any case, I really enjoyed the first book in Lawhead’s _Pendragon_ cycle so I’m looking forward to this one too.