We’ve reached this stage of quarantine…


Thankful for Government

Photo by David Jakab on Pexels.com

As I went through my normal routine of checking my RSS feeds, I read this article by Tim Challies and I realised that I am thankful for the same things.

It has struck me that the New Testament’s posture toward civil leaders is generally positive. It seems to nudge us toward the assumption that governments are acting wisely, not foolishly; that our opinion toward their actions should generally be favorable, not skeptical; that our words about them should be supportive, not rebellious; and that our response to their decrees should generally be submissive, not resistant. Romans 13:1-7 is not about the limits of governmental authority, but about the goodness and necessity of Christian obedience.

Tim Challies

There was a time when I would have identified as a libertarian (in the American sense of the word). Over time, and especially since leaving the US, I have noticed a shift in my feelings toward the government that my younger self would declare anathema. I often disagree with how the government runs things but I no longer consider the whole enterprise to be a waste.

When life is complicated and we struggle to understand why things are happening the way they are, we crave simple solutions. The problem is that there are no simple solutions at this scale.

Cudowna Boża Łaska – Hymns At Home

One of the things I’ve had to learn to do while we’ve been serving in Warsaw is learn enough Polish to sing. I’m not very good, but the people here have been incredibly gracious as I try to lead them in worship in their native language. Having the music helps a lot with learning Polish because it gives you a framework for the cadence of the words. 

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Quarantine Kitchen 04 – sauerkraut

Purple cabbage and carrot. One of my favourite combinations.

Perhaps the easiest entry point into fermented food is making sauerkraut. All you need is a jar that’s big enough to hold some shredded or grated cabbage. I added a couple of carrots to mine. Then just add salt and let the lacto-fermentation process begin. To avoid needing to burp the jar, I just covered it with some plastic wrap and a rubber band.

Press it down once a day to coax more liquid out of the cabbage and cover again. Keep it somewhere cool and dark. One week later, the perfect condiment for bratwurst or hot dogs. Or stew. Or just to have in a salad. Or try making some slaw. Or just eat it out of the jar.

Kraków Market Square

Sketch from a reference photo I took in Kraków.

Taking a break from screens tonight to do some at-home urban sketching. I’m using a Rotring 600, Uniball Air, Koh-I-Noor Polycolor pencils and a Field Notes Signature.