It’s not what we had hoped

We had hoped that more people would show up.

Right now, we are primarily holding to the truth that it’s worth doing even for just one person. And that is what is now happening. When we launched the group, there was the potential for seven or eight people to turn up. But there ended up only being the one.

The following week, when we were getting ready to meet again, my wife became ill and so we had to cancel for a week. After that, when we got ready for it again, we ended up having nobody show up.

I had cooked for a crowd so we’ve been eating the leftovers for the last few days.

The one guy that had turned up ended up not being well and also not having enough credit on his phone to send me a text to say he wouldn’t be able to come. He’s a guy that I have been meeting with one-to-one for a while now and it’s been quite a task, trying to move the conversation toward the gospel.

Anyway, my pastor and I decided the best course of action for now is to continue meeting with just this one guy to go through the material. My sincere hope is that his eyes would be opened to the truth that he still cannot see. He keeps asking for evidence but doesn’t seem sure what that evidence would be. My prayer is that I can be patient and remember that I too was once blind and unable to believe.

> Christ cried to a Father who was silent as he let him die, so that you could cry to a Father who will hear you and give you what you need to live.
– How People Change by Tim Lane & Paul Tripp 📚