One of my goals with this blog is to keep it from ever looking like the food blogs that seem to be trying their best to be completely unreadable because of all the advertising. While I don’t think the blog is at any point something to pay for, there are some ways that you can support the upkeep so that I can afford to do things like pay for hosting and running it.

Direct support

As an overseas missionary, my family relies on the support of Christians in America in order to do gospel ministry here in Europe. One of the most tangible ways that you can support us is by partnering with us at the website below:

Full disclosure: the following links are all affiliate links so if you sign up for and use the services, I get paid a little bit.


As an expat, one of the things that I have to consider is moving money between currencies and, by far, the best tool that I have found for doing that is TransferWise. They make bank transfers really simple and they’ve helped us managed USD, GBP and PLN fairly seamlessly.


The other thing that I use to make sense of everything is a tool called Notion. Notion is what I wish Evernote,, Google Keep, Bear and even my own personal notebooks were. It’s what I use for all of my writing now and it’s what I use to organise things like raising support, planning ministry stuff and even my home and family life.