A surprising thing I’ve learned since I started exercising regularly is that it can actually serve as an effective substitute for caffeine, provided it’s on a day other than a Monday.

Sunday afternoons have become a time for writing fiction while sitting on the terrace of our flat in Warsaw. All my fountain pens are packed away for shipping so I’ve been writing with two uni-ball AIR pens (one black, one blue).


Life has been getting really stressful these last couple of weeks. I’m grateful that my wife encouraged me to do something relaxing. That something relaxing was finally trying Stardew Valley. I never knew that I needed a game before.

gratitude in the midst of moving house

My family is in the process of packing up our belongings to return to the UK. One of the things that we have had to do is optimise what we use each day because we’re going to be flying with a budget airline and can only carry so much stuff. That has meant that the ESV journaling Bible I have been using since November, with its margins covered in notes and highlights, has had to be packed into a box to be shipped.

I was sad at first. I’ve grown to really, really, love using a physical Bible. But I’m thankful that I live in a time where I still have access to the Word. I have multiple apps for Bible study on my Mac, iPad and iPhone. I’m not going without.

And the Digital Journaling Bible that Crossway released right around Christmas time is proving to be absolutely perfect for this time right now. So while things feel like complete chaos, at least I still have what keeps me grounded.

Full disclosure: I have a lot of friends who work for or with Crossway. I still paid either full or sale price for the stuff that I use, though I have received a couple of Study Bibles and a children’s devotional for free in the past.

Fougasse. I really love baking bread. It’s a nice distraction from all of the stress. Support raising and international moving.

Considering how awkward support raising has felt in the past, I’m surprised at how… normal it feels now. If you’re at all interested in supporting my family and our ministry, you can give here.