After living in Wilanów since October, we have now left and are currently staying in Ujazdów, a neighbourhood in Warsaw’s city centre. It’s home to a bunch of embassies and right within the tourist district.

Park Ujazdowski

As nice as it was in Wilanów, especially its convenience during lockdown, we really needed this change of scenery. And it amazes me just how different all of the districts here feel. If you were to look at these two places, you’d never know they were a part of the same city.

Aleje Ujazdowskie
This is just across the road from the US Embassy

The biggest thing this district is missing, though? Buildings with lifts/elevators. Our AirBnB, which is lovely, is located at the top of eight flights of stairs. It’s quite the challenge right after a run.

Just outside Park Łazienki