Announcing: Fake Suede

When we moved to Warsaw, I started to wonder what this life is that my family is living now. I don’t live where I’m from and neither does my wife. This is kind of a third place for us.

**Fake Suede** is a bi-weekly newsletter where I will be writing about what it’s like to live where you don’t expect to be and how to be curious when something as simple as grocery shopping is mentally exhausting. It’s also going to be about raising a big family in cultures where they’re kind of… unusual.

The plan for the moment is to keep the length of the newsletter between 500-750 words. I thought about posting them here to the blog, but somehow it doesn’t feel like it fits here. It feels more like letters written to someone. And so it’s a newsletter.

As readership increases, I will be introducing a paid option but the base newsletter will **always be free**. When I start to charge, it will be for something on top of the regular newsletter, not _for_ the regular newsletter.

All of that to say, the first one goes out in a couple of weeks. If any of this sounds remotely interesting to you, I hope you’ll join me as I write about this. Oh, and it’s called **Fake Suede** because my surname is the same as a certain luxury textile used in the automotive industry and on some computer keyboards.

You can subscribe by visiting the sunset below.


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