The trouble with retention and removal

I read an [article]( that was written in response to [this one from Christianity Today](

It is no secret to those close to me that I have disapproved of Trump’s election since the beginning. I found it entirely laughable that he was even running. It made as much sense as Kanye West proclaiming that he was also going to run for president.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have left Twitter behind a while ago so I have only seen the president’s tweets within the context of quotes. While admitting that his excessive use of caps lock is consistent with people who don’t actually understand technology, I think that the greatest act of patriotism right now would be for an aid somewhere to disable caps lock in that phone. _(It’s right there in keyboard settings, it’s really easy to do)_.

But that isn’t why I find myself compelled to write this. The main issue that I see happening with regards to the current discourse on this subject is that Christians in support of Trump are assuming that the ends justify the means.

We don’t laud a father who is completely absent from his children’s lives because he is addicted to his job and providing a nice lifestyle for them. At least that father’s children don’t laud him.

If you’re in the same camp as me, theologically, you don’t speak well of churches that are only filled because there’s a great show with no content. You speak against the pragmatism that says “but so many people are hearing the gospel!” You speak against it because you know, in reality, those people aren’t hearing the gospel.

If it is true that the President of the USA has abused his power, he needs to be removed from office. This is only a partisan issue because we live in a time where facts and truth have no place in the public conversation. What we have here isn’t simply two sides arguing over who gets to be king of the castle.

Incidentally, the most childish statement that I have read so far about this whole thing comes from Peter Leithart for First Things:

> There are times when you have to oppose something just because you shouldn’t give the satisfaction of victory to its supporters.

This isn’t an appeal to Christian morals. This isn’t even trying to ignore the facts of the case. This is, pure and simple, stupidity. This is a child who destroys their toys because _if they can’t have it, nobody can_.

It is true that there will be a huge amount of public unrest if Trump is removed from office. But if we are only keeping him in to keep the peace, we are admitting that the truth doesn’t actually matter.

What I want to know is what we will be willing to let slide next.


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