Need not last forever

Something that has kept me from opting to use ordinary fountain pen ink is a worry about something disastrous happening to my notebooks. In this instance, that catastrophe is usually water-based and being a dad makes me think about these things. I started keeping my journals with the intention of them actually being read. [Jamie Todd Rubin]( wrote a great article on journaling and one thing I identified with was his desire to pass his journals on to his kids.

While I would like to ensure that I do everything I can to have them available for them if they want them, I have started to feel a bit less precious about how to ensure that. I could scan my notebooks if I wanted to so that they were searchable, but I barely have the time to write in them in the first place. I guess what I’m beginning to adopt is a more fatalist approach to things that aren’t entirely in my control, at least material things. It will be really nice to have them to hand down. It won’t be the end of the world if something happens to them.


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