Young and (car) free

[Young couples ‘trapped in car dependency’](

I feel really fortunate to be able to live outside of the city centre while managing to be in an area that is almost entirely walkable. If we had needed to budget for a car in our fundraising to be on mission in Liverpool, we might not have made it.

When we were still in America, particularly in the suburbs of Chicago, having a car was synonymous with existing. We needed the car to get just about everywhere, our [church]( was the only exception.

Now it feels like we’re actually living in the modern age. We are able to have our groceries delivered. There aren’t many restaurants around us, but there are loads that are easily accessible by public transport. And to be fair, the lack of restaurants that aren’t chippies or takeaways has only been a help for our budget.

Plus, having walking as our only form of transport mostly helps ease the soreness that comes from going to play football with the guys from [church](


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